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We congratulate the winners of the 2015 Boris Goldstein Violin Competition:

Grand Prix: Mone Hattori

1st place (shared): Aleksey Semenenko and Stefan Tarara
3rd place: Shiori Terauchi
4th place: Arsenis Selalmazidis
5th place: Furong Li
6th place: Benjamin Baker

The finals took place at Yehudi Menuhin Forum in Bern (Helvetiaplatz 6). The seven finalists play on January 28th and 29th for a maximum of one hour each, they were accompanied by an orchestra on the second day of the finals. You can find the programm of each candidate here.

For further information about candidates: program booklet.

The winners of the Finals will be published here on 29th January 2015.


The Jury with members of the Goldstein family

Legends concert 2: Michael Guttman and Julia Goldstein

Legends concert 2: Zakhar Bron and Yair Kless

The Jury at Yehudi Menuhin Forum

Yair Kless and Julia Goldstein at Musikschule Konservatorium Bern

Rehearsal with orchestra at Musikschule Konservatorium Bern

Professors Pikayzen, Bron, Zurbrügg and Tatsumi

Professors Tatsumi, Ozim, Zurbrügg, Niziol, Stricharz and Kless

Legends concert 1: Zakhar Bron and Viktor Pikayzen - with Alina Artemyeva - after their performance

Das Orchester probt fürs Finale vom 29. Januar im Yehudi Menuhin Forum in Bern.